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"Nai Roshni"- The Scheme for Leadership Development of Minority Women

Kumbhira Minority Mission have been selected by Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India for implementing new Scheme named as "Nai Roshni". The scheme is for Leadership Development of Minority Women. We are implementing the Scheme in Malda District.

"Nai Roshni" - The Scheme Details

List of Beneficiaries for "Nai Roshni" Scheme by Kumbhira Minority Mission

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With the help of Ministry of Minority Affairs & Madrasah Education, Govt. of W.B., we have set up a Hostel for Minority Working Girls' Hostel at Gabgachhi , P.O.- Kamalabari, P.S.-English Bazar, Dist – Malda.


We are organizing training on Jute Diversified Product Manufacturing in collaboration with Institute Of Jute Technology, Calcutta University. The training is going under ISDS Scheme. Lots of beneficiaries have already taken training and the project is going on.


Health is a basic need for everyone; it assumes a special significance in case of Women. Women constitute about half of our population and more than one third of the total work force. Thus they comprise a significant section of our population. They bear children and child health affected by maternal health. Lower health status  manifests  itself  in  lower  life  expectancy,  higher  rate  of  mortality and morbidity,  lower  level  of  productivity  and  decreased ability to earn and support oneself . In the light of the above, there is importance of the health   and nutrition of women specially as well as its implications for National development.

Due to poverty the people, specially children and women of our operation areas are not having good health. Proper medical  facilities  is  not  available  in order  to  check  up  the children and many children  dies  also  premature  death  in  the  hands  of   the  quacks  as only a few number of registered medical practitioner is available in our operation areas which are insignificant in comparison to the demand to solve the problem.

Health Awareness Camp

Our organization conducted some health awareness camp in our operation area    because the people in our working area for backward form health
point of view considering the overall health situation of the people with right concerning their lives, many a people have become conscious about health related programme.

Health Check up Camp

It needs to maintain that elderly people in our society are most backward and vulnerable part of the society. They suffer all sorts of facilities  of the time of
Old age period due to lack of joint family. In this regards our organization  has been taken to organize  Health check-up Camp with presence of qualified Doctors.

Blood Group Check-up Camp

Most of the people are not aware regarding their blood status. But it is very Necessary to know the actual status of blood group as per requirement of Emergency donation of blood. So our organization has conducted three nos. Of Blood group Check –up Camp.

Pulse Polio Check-up Camp

Our organization active participated with the health department, govt.of West Bengal while Pulse polio and immunization programme organized time To time.We feel that without participation of local people , especially women The immunization programme will not reach to the grass root level.


Education plays a key role for the development of the society . It helps in acquiring a broad base knowledge, attitudes , values and skills to respond to new opportunities and social activities .

Our organization has put emphasis on the literacy programme because we believe that if the people are not properly literate and aware regarding their duties, the nation may not be developed and different problems will be cropped up in the society faced by the people. In this year we organized one Literacy Camp at Malda District with our qualified and experienced staff with the presence of local dignitaries as guest speakers. Local people have been attending the camp with keen interest more than 300 participants have attended in each camp. The guest speakers discuss in the camp why our efforts to provide have education to all children been unsuccessful ? Have we been able to identify the beneficiaries and develop remedial measures and translate them into practice? If yes , then to what extent have these measures succeeded.

Therefore, it is required to increase the literacy rate through our country especially in rural areas.

Literacy Camp

Our organization has been taken some Awareness Generation Camp on Literacy development in our working area as Kumbhira, Sabdalpur , Deonapur Bhagabanpur under Kaliachak- III Block, Gabgachhi, Kamlabari , Jadupur under English bazar block in the Malda district.

Primary School for Muslim Minority Children

Education is the basic elements for advancement of society and a country. We believe that development in the true sense is hardly possible if majority of People remain in the quagmires of darkness. So we have set up a Primary school for Minority children named Kazi Nazrul Memorial Primary School at Kumbira. We teach their about 150 minority children so that they may see the light of education in the world.

Distribution of Books to Needy Students

Like every year our organization has given a little cash amount to poor student By purchasing their books and other materials. In this year 30 nos. needy students were benefited from our organization.


In the present day context community involvement it is essential for providing impetus to the process of educating women and children in our country. Education plays a role as an activity that sustains and accelerates overall development as it prepares and trains workers at all levels to manage capital, technology, services and administration in every sector of the economy and facilities the advancement of knowledge in pure and applied fields. Education helps for meeting other basic needs, ultimately improving productivity and income. The world over research and experiences clearly demonstrates that the quality of life of people in a nation directly depends on the level of education which starts from childhood.

Awareness Generation Camp for Women

The Awareness Generation camp will be a platform for the rural women to come together, exchange their experience and ideas and in the process develop on understanding of the reality as also ways to tackle their problems and fullfil their needs. We believe that this type of camp will help and and enhance the Women Empowerment process. In this regards we have organized numbers Awareness camps on social issues with in this financial Years.

Seminar & Training Camp

Our organization has conducted numbers of seminar & Training on different Trade within this financial year. We want to enhance the awareness level of Mass people regarding social issues and professional skill on different trades.


Kumbhira Minority Mission is engaged with various cultural program and community development programme throughout the year. Some of our activities includes the following.

Observation of Notable Days

Our organization has taken various national and international Red Letter Days Every year with active participation and co-operation of the rural children like Independence Day, Republic Day , Rabindra Nath, Netaji Subhash, Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday anniversary.

Annual Cultural Programme

We have conducted an Annual Cultural Programme at Auditorium for General Public. Our vision was fund raising for the welfare of poor children through Undertaking different welfare activities.

Sports & Games

Sports & Games is the part of education. But today children were not get opportunity of the games and sports facilities due to pressure of education and life competition. In this situation we have tried to drive some programs on sports & games.

Tree Plantation

Tree is our life. This civilization cannot survive without tree. We have conducted Some programs of tree plantation with the help of school boys and girls in the rural area and by the road side. We have also planted saplings in the club play ground.


  1. Condensed Course (Middle  Level.)
  2. Creche Centre for the children of working mothers.
  3. Awareness  Generation Project forrural  and poor women.
  4. Establishment of Vocational Training Centre
  5. Community Health programme
  6. Working women Hostel.
  7. Old Age Home
  8. Girls’s school cum Madrasah.