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Organization Background

Established in 2006 at a remote village kumbhira within Kaliachak-III under Baishnab Nagar police station area of the district Malda, West Bengal, India. The village is situated at about 50 km away from the District Head quarter of Malda known as English bazar and it is surrounded by several types of scheduled Castes and minority community families.

The area was the most backward and under developed and inhabited by illiterate and primitive of people.The founders of the most of whom were social activities and of philanthropic mind chosen that area for rendering voluntary social service withinthe limits of their meager resources . This NGO Kumbhira Minority Mission also received blessings , Patronization, and active support from the local people.

After three (3) Years of service in the area of eradication of illiteracy, lessening the hardship of poverty, providing health care, the kumbhira minority mission was registered in 2009-2010 under west Bengal Society Registration act 1961 and adopted the whole of west Bengal as the area of operation. The society has earned high goodwill amongst the poor people and distressed victims of the state of west Bengal a confidence amongst the MIG and HIG population and strengthened a work base for undertaking any kind of small, medium, and large project of Education, Health care and Economic Development of rural West Bengal.


Our vision is to give the hope and help the poor section of the society through capacity building and skill development without disturbing any environmental pollution and maintaining the human value as well.


Our mission is to create self –reliant villages without disturbing the eco –harmony and cultural heritage by making the people aware of different economic, social , socio –political issues affecting the village life. Our organization also desires to remove poverty, unawareness, illiteracy and helps the people by enriching their knowledge and upgrading their skill to attain secured sustainable livelihood in rural and also urban areas in our country.

Target Groups

Minority Communities, Scheduled castes, Scheduled Tribes, Victims of Natural Calamaties, Women & Children. People living below poverty line.